Dave Haas Jr. is a Commercial, Event, Wedding & Portrait photographer.

Dave Haas, Jr.

Dave Haas, Jr.

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Commercial, events, wedding & portraits photographer with over 15 years working a camera. Photography started as a hobby while studying music in high school and turned into a love and profession later in life. I studied Film & Media Communications at university, with an interest focused on Cinematography and worked the camera department for many years.

The lens is my love and passionate about art. Eventually I worked for The Salvation Army Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA for almost 7 years and freelance photographer for Weddings, Events, Portraits and Commercial work.

I moved to Romania in September 2017, at 29 years old, to start an adventure in Europe and after falling in love with Romania. I look forward to growing more with the photography community and connecting with clients.

I also love to travel and enjoy recording my trips, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and 500px. Book me for your next project! I'm always looking for something new, or if you just want to grab a cup of coffee that works too.

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