“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
— Ansel Adams

I'm in Romania Now

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Wow! I can't believe the time has passed. Back in September I made the jump to Romania and in just a few weeks came Autumn and the chaotic weeks of setting up my business and establishing residency. By the time I locked in my apartment, some work teaching English/remotely managing a DAM/Communications manager for Armata Salvarii, winter arrived. Before I knew it I was in Constanta with Marian & Daniela Sterea celebrating Christmas, back in Bucharest for New Year's then off again with Marian, Daniela & Cristian to Bucovina for a week.

Then the rush of getting things going, 4 jobs in to get a steady income all while trying to start making connections as a ROMANIAN PHOTOGRAPHER. So... here I am, and once the snow melts away and the Spring sun starts shining, I'll be ready with my gear to capture some Weddings, Portraits and all things photogenic.

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Austin & Katie | A Halloween Wedding - 10.31.15

I've never had to photograph a wedding on Halloween, but when Austin & Katie asked me I was willing to take on as photographer for their special day, but I was secretly hoping it would be themed around the holiday... this wasn't the case though, they wanted to keep it traditional. Honestly I would've done the same most likely.

It was a beautiful fall day, trees were colorful, we were in the mountains at a camp location, it was partly cloudy midday and overcast by sunset, even a light rain a few times. But for lighting, this was great for me, I always enjoy shooting under clouds when it's midday, and clear skies when the sun gets lower for that beautiful lighting.

When it was time to take some photos of the bride & groom, and with the party, we walked over to (what I was told) an abandoned chicken coop, and with it looking so eerie I thought we need to take some "spooky" looking shots with the couple, in lieu of this particular day they chose to tie the knot.

The couple was a lot of fun, lots of great ideas around the location; fishing, canoeing, standing on a bridge, etc. All-in-all they had a great connection with each other, which I tried to capture some of this connection, the simple moments they had between each other. One particular shot that comes to mind was when they were playing cornhole out on the patio deck when everyone else was inside mingling and dancing. They just snuck away with only each other, and enjoyed the simple pleasures of only each other's presence.

I wish these two many blessings on their wonderful marriage! I'll post some of the photos in a small gallery here, and also on my 500px account, so be sure to check it out!